How about waking up, day by day, with a crystal clear sense of embodied presence emanating from your Soul?

How about being able to step in deep connection with yourself, even though you feel down and things are not going as you’d expected?

How about persistently following what you deeply know is correct for you while meeting Life with zero toxic guilt, and zero soul-wrecking shame? Enjoying plenty of deep connections, meaningful conversations, soulful sex life, witchy creativity, high-quality money?

Because no matter what life throws at you, you know in your bones who you really are?

You want to heal – otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. It is possible to heal. You deserve it, it’s safe to do it and you will make it. 

That’s my attitude when we get to work! With my help and your commitment, there is so much it can be done. Even though transformational work is challenging, people often share it is not even close to the level of difficulty as was their private suffering before stepping into the process work with me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Please, use the form below and write a few simple words about your situation; don’t bother explaining too much, we will talk in detail at our first meeting. 

Please keep in mind, your email is coming directly to me; only I will read it. Please do allow two to three working days’ response, even though I usually respond earlier.  ​

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The first step is our first online session

I’m here to help you find safe, practical solutions to your most intimate inner struggles. 

Please fill the form and connect, so we can arrange your 90-min intro session.

The intro session is an explorational call where we meet, get to know each other, and define:

  • What you need specifically in terms of your inner work
  • How I can help with my presence, tools, and experiences
  • Your goals and our commitment to them

After our call, I will take 2 or 3 working days to craft a completely individualized transformational program for you. I will ask you to take your time to contemplate the options before making any commitments to this powerful transformational work. 

Good to know

I’m a relational psychotherapist trained in energy psychology and I work in a trauma-informed way. Establishing a secure relationship is a sine qua non of my transformational work. As a professional with lots of different kinds of medicines available in my healing bag, I know no “technique” nor fancy “energy tool” can surpass the power of a trusted relationship. Only with an excellent healing relationship, tools have an optimal effect. Therefore, a secure and safe therapeutic relationship is essential for your success, and we build on that since our first session. 


The fee for an initial 90-min session is at any time available per inquiry – please check it out; simply contact me via

The fee for your individualized mentoring program or psychotherapy work will be delivered after our initial consultation.

Who is this transformational work for?

I work with highly-committed clients, open to a holistic approach in psychotherapy. They accept the cross-influence of body, mind, and soul on our wellbeing, and are to a certain degree in a psychophysical condition to follow this deep psychospiritual transformational work. Women are able to take extra space and time to deepen the work we do on our session as they are highly motivated to explore their inner world and bring for transformation.

Experience shows, I often collaborate with women who once recovered from eating disorders, addictions, codependency, etc. They are now successful creatives and business owners, however, things are getting complicated lately –  they are “suddenly” experiencing exhaustion, stuckness, anxiety, depressive moods, professional identity crisis, or serious doubts and conflicts regarding their roles as mothers, sexual partners, creatives. This is when they connect with me, looking for answers and high-quality professional support.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you 😉  

Psychologist, Psychotherapist,

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