Let’s talk men, sex, life… and radical self-love.

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A deep thumping of the bass sound pounds in your chest

An enticing rhythm swirls through your core

And you can feel vibrations of sound trying to coax you into keeping time with the music

If only you could hear that kind of music in you


You don’t

All you hear is what everyone else wants

What everyone else needs

Their stories, their tempo, their music

The longing to throw your middle fingers up at all lately hits as loudly as that thumping in your chest

If only you didn’t have to keep it all together

And fit in?

If only you didn’t have to be “that woman” because you have a family to raise, a career to think of, and a lover that might be thrown for a loop if you didn’t continue “being her”

However… there’s one thing you need to get you unstuck…

To ignite that FIRE in you again… to step out of the rut of “fitting in”

Your essence

The way only radical self-love can unlock you

Deep dive to finally hear the songs playing in your Soul. 

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Soul-Womb ALCHEMIST

In my private practice (est. 2009), I’m helping women overcome difficult situations in relationships to finally set up a new level of freedom and intimacy within and without.

I’m here to help women to create life deeply Desired.

I understand how women nourish complicated relationships with people, our bodies, food, sexuality.

I know how to help transform harmful emotional and mental patterns, from the inside out. 

This is what I master.

This is what I do.

It’s time to unlock the portal of radical self-love. Lustful creativity, soulful sexuality, and loving relationships are in your hands!

It is completely possible to:

Ditch waking up at 3:45 am in a cold sweat, flooded with spinning thoughts about everything 

Quit feelings of guilt, for eating a piece of a freaking cake (and another one)

Stop demanding from him/her/them what he/she/they cannot give you and never will

Get a much more in-depth perspective on things like a fantasy of a one-way ticket to Alaska, Mars… or a new lover, anyone?

And then:

Take decisive action because your vision is finally crystal clear, now unwavering

Unlock capacity to feel in charge again – no longer at the mercy of your mind, feelings, body, or “dynamic” circumstances

Say what you want to say, clear – without killing doubts or toxic guilt-tripping

Tap into your strengths and “weaknesses” so you can ultimately live as the whole of who you are,
without embarrassment, shame, or fear

In our world, love fuels everything – relationships, creative projects, bank accounts

Tell me, do you love You, 170%?

Even when feeling down, pissed off, misunderstood?

(Especially then.)

Not sure?

I can help.

 How about you, waking up day by day with the most solid sense of presence arising from your Soul, whispering, life is finally as it’s supposed to be?

Zero unbearable anxiety.

Zero toxic guilt.

Zero soul-wrecking shame.

Because no matter what life throws at you, you know in your bones who you really are


“When a student is ready, a teacher comes. Sometimes we need the last push to finally align with the truth in ourselves. Tina is such a wonderful catalyst of everything that one needs to be aware of, that you finally accept and love yourself completely. No compromises! Absolutely by far the most beautiful and most valuable gift you can give yourself!”

– Svetlana

“Contact with the soul or with yourself is something basic and very natural – when you experience it, when someone shows you how easy it is! I do not know why they do not teach it at school.”

– Martina

“Working with Tina filled me with energy and the hope that through conscious contact with my Soul I could find peace and the way to myself. Above all, it’s all much about the realization of the importance of authenticity in relations”

– Anika

“Establishing and maintaining contact with oneself is key to quality and full living. This work gave me the direction and the way to stay with myself in difficult moments, and gave me momentum and power to establish a different quality of life also in the future.”

– Tamara

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