Mystical invites, sparks of possibility,
sneak-peeks in behind scenes.

A fierce thumping of the drums pound in your chest

An enticing rhythm dances through your heaed

And you can almost feel their vibrations trying to coax your body into keeping time with the music

If only you could hear that music in you

But all you hear is what everyone else wants

What everyone else believes you should be

And the longing to throw your middle fingers up at them beats as loudly as that thumping in your chest…

If only you didn’t have to fit in

If only you didn’t have to be “that woman” because you have a family to raise, a career to think of and a lover that would be thrown for a loop if you didn’t continue the game of “being her”

There’s one thing you need to make it all come together, to get you unstuck and to ignite that FIRE in you again… to challenge you to step out of the rut of “fitting in”.

Your essence.
The way only radical self-love can unlock you.

Mind-blowing sex, an orgasmic life, and luscious, fulfilling relationships with everyone in your life are in your hands.

If you’re ready to get into a whole-being alignment that taps into all parts of you so you can hear the songs playing in your soul, let’s have coffee!

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Shamanic Soul-Womb Practitioner.

I’m here to help You love your Dark, own your Light, and create life deeply Desired.

I’m here to help You heal irrational feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy – once and for all.

I understand how you nourish complicated relationships with food, body, sexuality, and people.

I know how to help You transform from the inside out, so you too will arise embodied and ensouled.

Your healing will then spread further.

It will become a wave of social change in your community.

It will contribute to the emotional and spiritual healing of humanity, which this kind of healing desperately needs.

It’s time to unlock your feminine essence and the radical self-love that comes with it.

Live in your highest power…straight from within the seat of your power…your womb
Take swift and decisive action because your vision is crystal clear and now unwavering
Unlock the secret to having control again so you are no longer at the mercy of your environment
Express every level of who you are without any apology, doubt, or regret, allowing you to feel free again
Tap into all your strengths and weaknesses so you can finally live as the whole of who you are,
without embarrassment, shame, or fear

You are an infinite being with ultimate possibility.

And you and I are going to give birth to the tools you need to live the best of those possibilities.

“Contact with the soul or with yourself is something basic and very natural – when you experience it, when someone shows you how easy it is! I do not know why they do not teach it at school.”

– Martina

“Working with Tina at the workshop an Uninterrupted Loving Care for Oneself filled me with energy and the hope that through a conscious contact with my Soul I could find peace and the way to myself. Above all, the realization of the importance of authenticity in relations”

– Anka

“Establishing and maintaining contact with oneself is a key to quality and full living. The workshop gave me the direction and the way to stay with myself in difficult moments, and gave me momentum and power to establish a different quality of life also in the future.”

– Tamara

“When a student is ready, a teacher comes. Sometimes we need the last “push” to finally align with the truth in ourselves. Tina is such a wonderful catalyst of everything that one needs to be aware of, that you finally accept and love yourself completely. No compromises 🙂 Absolutely by far the most beautiful and most valuable gift you can give yourself!”

– Svetlana

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